Welcome to K-Sounds Music

K-Sounds Livestreams will be presenting DJ sets from some of the best DJ’s in Scotland and the UK. We will be broadcasting on weekends with a fine selection of music underpinned by requests and shout outs. Every Friday & Saturday from 8pm you can watch & listen to our residents & guests on Twitch & Mixcloud Live. All of the K-Sounds Livestreams will appear on our website. Feel free to support the channel here.

Donate & Support

Donations & Subscriptions to the channel are greatly appreciated & help provide support for the DJ’s & producers involved, with many having had little or no income from music in 2020. Additionally, we continuously review and update our livestream software and hardware to offer a premium end user experience through sound & visuals and all your contributions help support this.

Please click the button above and you will be transferred to the K-Sounds Paypal Donations page where you can donate any amount or choose a monthly subscription. We thank you for donating and massive respect if you have already donated or subscribed.